The Art of Platform Engineering

Matthew Skelton, co-author Team Topologies, defines a platform as ‘…a curated experience for engineers to accelerate the delivery teams that use it’. We are building the platform at Truist Financial with this philosophy in mind. In true Team Toplogies manner, we have established a dedicated Platform Engineering team (led by the speaker), that is a centralized team supporting the hundreds of ‘stream’ or delivery teams across the organization. Apart from the sheer scale of the number of teams and projects supported, Truist, like most large enterprises, also has the complexities of the dozens of technology stacks that co-exist. Applications at Truist are delivered across multiple developer ecosystems which span mainframe, on-premises distributed, public cloud hosted (on multiple clouds), and SaaS applications. We are building a platform to support them all. And in case it was not obvious, we are in the heavily regulated banking and insurance industries. We defined the platform working directly with our clients - the delivery teams, leveraging four key tenets for the services being delivered by the platform: 1. Services should be self-service 2. Service should come with built-in security and compliance guardrails 3. Delivery teams should have the ‘permission to act’ within the guardrails 4. There needs to be a culture of trust between the service providers and consumers In this session, Sanjeev Sharma, Head of Automation and Platform Engineering at Truist will share our journey thus far in building the platform. He will outline our current state and future plans, why and how we adopted these tenets, describe our team and organizational structures, and share challenges overcome and lessons learned to date, as we progress on what will be a multi-year transformational journey for our organization.