Dan "Pop" Papandrea
Director - Opensource Community and Ecosystem
Dan "Pop" Papandrea is the Lead of Open Source Community and Ecosystem at Sysdig, focused on helping the Falco community to contribute to and adopt the runtime security project. Previously, he was the Field CTO for Sysdig. Pop is an active member of the cloud-native open source community, a CNCF Ambassador, CD Foundation Ambassador, Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), and a Kubernetes contributor. Prior to Sysdig, POP was a lead solution architect for Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Helion business unit as well as the Director of IT, Principal Solutions Architect, Product Manager at SS&C Technologies, a multinational financial services solution company. POP is the host of the hit podcast The POPCAST by Dan POP, which explores the leaders and creators and stories behind the code.