Prasen Shelar
Dir. of Product Management
"Cloud automation is a broad term covering processes and tools that automate some or all of the repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks associated with provisioning and managing cloud computing applications and services. As businesses shift more of their services to the cloud, cloud automation is critical to helping you not just change and adapt your IT infrastructure to new cloud-driven demands but also enable your team to get work done faster. IT operations is hard work. And the faster your team completes the mundane tasks, the more time they have to focus on bigger issues and innovation to drive competitive advantage for the company.

For cloud automation to fully realize its potential, it needs to provide end-to-end automation covering the entire cloud operations lifecycle - across both private and public cloud environments. This smarter approach to automation connects orchestration, automation and remediation tools into a single platform that helps cloud engineers (DevOps and SRE engineers) perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently. These tasks are often tied to top-level business goals of maintaining high availability, performance and scale for the infrastructure and applications running on top of it.

Fylamynt was designed to be the “connective tissue”, providing a single platform to orchestrate and automate workflows across multiple cloud operating systems and solutions. Its flexible low-code builder makes it easy to customize automation workflows to serve your specific needs. Out-of-the-box integrations with all the key tools in your cloud operations toolkit enable the orchestration of actions and machine-speed-level workflow execution. Incident(?) management is also centralized with case management and messaging tool integrations and built-in task management features that facilitate cross-team collaborations."