Gil Zilberfeld
Developer, Commercial software
"Gil Zilberfeld (TestinGil) has been in software since childhood, writing BASIC programs on his trusty Sinclair ZX81.
With more than 25 years experience developing commercial software, he has vast experience in software methodology and practices.
Gil has been applying Agile principles to software development for more than a decade. From automated testing to exploratory testing, design practices to team collaboration, Scrum to Kanban, traditional product management to lean startup – he’s done it all, and he is still learning from his successes and failures.
Gil speaks frequently at international conferences about unit testing, TDD, agile practices and product management. He is the author of ""Everyday Unit Testing"" and “Everyday Spring Testing”, blogs and post videos, co-organizer of the Agile Practitioners conference and, in his spare time, he shoots zombies, for fun."