A Developer's Perspective on the Impact of Man-Made Climate Change: Issues and Remedies
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (EDT)

IT is a significant consumer of natural resources and a contributor to man-made climate impacts, albeit indirect and not immediately apparent. It’s time the industry came to terms with its behavior. Hopefully, once an honest appraisal is made, those in technology can shift their focus to helping avoid the catastrophe that is on the horizon. There are remedies at hand, but they are costly and dramatic. And they need to be implemented within the next 10 years. Otherwise, it's not a matter of avoiding dramatic climate change, it's a matter of adapting to it. The wealthy will be inconvenienced, but they will adjust. The poor will not fare so well. During his 30 minute presentation, software developer, industry analyst and futurist Bob Reselman discusses the current issues and possible solutions at hand relevant to climate change from the perspective of an IT professional. Bob will examine Bill Gates’s assertion in his current book, How to Avoid Climate Disaster, that for the world to avoid climate calamity, greenhouse gas emissions needs to drop from their current level of 51 billion tons a year to zero. According to Gates, there is no alternative. Bob will examine ideas that focus on meeting Gates's goal. Bob will also examine alternative views about the current climate, but all discussion will be from an IT point of view: What we in the IT industry are doing right in our efforts to address man-made climate change and what we need to change.

Bob Reselman