DevOps Experience Virtual covers a wide variety of topics, such as:

DevOps Experience has showcased what is new and next in DevOps over the last four years. This year, DevOps is poised to go where "no DevOps has gone before." DevOps is truly going everywhere.

The huge impact DevOps has had on software development, deployment and management is undeniable. Up to this point, most of the benefit has been in cloud or on-prem data center-based applications, or end-point applications that are SaaS or connected to the cloud. But now, we must think about "distributed DevOps," "DevOps at the edge and beyond" and "the DevOps of things"—in short, "DevOps everywhere."

How are we going to deploy software to places in ways we haven’t before? Join us for the fifth annual DevOps Experience and embark on an exciting, new virtual adventure with DevOps visionaries and innovators from around the world to explore the new frontiers of DevOps, get valuable insights on how to build and deploy software at the edge and beyond and discover how you can enable "DevOps everywhere."

Software and computing are anywhere and everywhere, as are the users of them. Whether on the edge or the cloud, in IoT connected devices or 5G networks, software truly is eating and transforming the world.