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GitOps Evolution 2021

GitOps is growing as a new way of working in the DevOps space as organizations further look to empower developers to perform tasks that typically fall under the purview of IT operations. 

GitOps Evolution Virtual Summit explores the reality behind what some have considered to be marketing hype, and breakout sessions will offer insight into ways organizations can use GitOps to solve real problems. Expert-led sessions and panel discussions will focus on topics including: 

  • GitOps and the evolution of DevOps
  • A developer’s guide to adopting GitOps
  • Metrics to measure in GitOps environments

Sessions will be geared toward practitioners, managers and C-level executives, and led by industry thought leaders and doers in the GitOps space. Keynotes also will feature experts offering their take on how this new way of working will change the way applications are built and deployed.

GitOps Evolution Virtual Summit 2021


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