Upcoming Events

October 27-28

DevOps Experience 2021: The Roaring Twenties 

As we look forward to all of the great things this transformation enables, we also have to be ready to tackle tough problems like global warming, Cybersecurity threats, future pandemics, diversity and more. DevOps can be a powerful force for change in all of this. In its 4th year, this year’s DevOps Experience will explore how DevOps will be a major factor in today's Roaring 20’s. Sessions will be geared toward practitioners, managers and C-level executives, and led by industry thought leaders and doers in the DevOps, DevSecOps, and Cloud Native world.

November 18


As digital transformation efforts accelerated in 2020, low-code became a valuable part of organizations' development environment. And in 2021, in the face of rising demand for digital solutions and a shortage of skilled IT talent, low-code has really come into its own as a way for organizations to close the demand gap and build IT solutions with minimal involvement from professional developers. Low-Code/No-Code explores the vast and growing ecosystem of technologies that are changing the face of application development, featuring sessions that focus on the challenges and opportunities in low-code application development, including:

  • The rise of the citizen developer
  • Addressing security and compliance in low-code applications
  • Low-code vs. no-code
  • Trends in low-code

December 1

InnoTech Oklahoma

The 14th annual InnoTech Oklahoma, the region's largest business & technology conference & expo, presented by InterWorks,Inc., will take place at the Oklahoma City Convention Center.

December 2

SUSEWORLD: The Digital Experience

Managed Event presented by Techstrong Live

Welcome to a SUSEWORLD, a digital experience that looks to celebrate 2021 as we begin to close 2021. Join us on December 2nd as we explore all things SUSE including but not limited to; Operating at a Scale, Rancher 2.6 Launch, Cloud Native. 

December 9

FinConDX 2021

FinConDX is a virtual conference focused on the DevOps, DevSecOps and Digital Transformation practices and tools you need to thrive in the fintech industry. The conference will bring together financial services and tech leaders to cover a wide range of topics, including development, operations, product, architecture and leadership through a series of expert-lead sessions, panels and keynotes.