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AI in Action by Techstrong.ai

Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from the realm of sci-fi to reality—and it is rapidly transforming the way we live and do business. Generative AI, LLMs and chatbots have drastically altered the market. But with all the hype, how do we separate fact from sizzle? Where do we see AI in action? Many say that AI will disrupt one vertical after the next. Disruption in the technology space is already being seen. Whether it is generating code, testing code or even generating malware, AI has made tremendous strides in a short time. Contrary to what some say, AI will not eliminate developers and DevOps jobs, instead it will increase developer productivity and accelerate the entire SDLC. However, ​​AI has also introduced legal and ethical concerns that society has not come to terms on yet. At AI in Action by Techstrong.ai, we’ll focus on current AI use cases and explore how AI is revolutionizing the business world and the technology industry. Join us at the AI in Action virtual event on December 12, 2023, to hear from distinguished AI, business and industry leaders to learn about: AI expectations versus reality The use of AI for code generation and analysis How organizations are monitoring the use of AI AI automation, testing and innovation How businesses are training their AI models to avoid bias and meet ethical and legal requirements How to use AI to maximize business growth and improve customer experience The EU Artificial Intelligence Act (the “AI Act”) and AI regulation in the U.S. Potential risks and challenges of using AI tools and how to address them GPT Next How AI can help identify security vulnerabilities Call for speakers is now open. Limited sponsorships are available and early bird registration for this virtual event is now live.



SKILup Day Container Orchestration

At DevOps Institute’s Container Orchestration SKILup Day you’ll have a chance to meet leading container orchestration and cloud experts and practitioners and hear them tell their stories of how they’ve implemented container orchestration patterns to loosely couple their software products and platforms and increase deployment frequency and accelerate time to value. 



Predict 2024

The sixth annual Predict conference, led once again by our Techstrong Research team, will explore what the upcoming year and near future will hold for DevOps, cybersecurity, cloud native and digital transformation at the dawn of the age of AI. We’ll explore how generative AI, LLMs and chatbots will impact the tech market in 2024, which emerging trends and technologies you’ll need to track, how the role of DevOps engineers will evolve in the future, critical security requirements for 2024 and more. The Predict 2024 agenda will feature live and interactive panel discussions by prominent industry leaders and visionaries to prepare you for the new year ahead and beyond. Join us to learn about: How AI will revolutionize business operations and fuel business growth in 2024 How AI is disrupting the DevOps pipeline How to train AI models on your own data and how to customize LLMs The role of open source in 2024 Best practices for cloud-native success in 2024 and beyond The potential challenges to the future of DevOps How developers can benefit from AI for code generation and analysis What the job market in the technology industry will look like in 2024 What’s your prediction for 2024? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what the future of tech looks like. Register to share your best guesses and be featured in our crystal ball during the live event! The 2023 DevOps Dozen² Awards winners will be announced during the live ceremony at Predict 2024.



Techstrong Con 2024

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DevOps Connect: DevSecOps at RSAC In-Person

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JUNE 2024

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps 2024

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THURSDAY, JULY 10,  2024

Cloud Native Now 2024

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DevOps Experience 2024

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Digital Certificates in a Post-Quantum, AI World

Digital certificates based on encryption algorithms and PKI technology enabled the rise of the internet, e-commerce and secure, trusted person-to-person, person-to-machine and even machine-to-machine communication and connection. Now, new emerging technologies -and some that are already available today - threaten to undermine this progress, make this critical infrastructure obsolete and bring our digital world to a grinding halt. What can we do to prevent this and ensure smooth continuity of trusted connections? Join Techstrong Group and some of the leading players in the certificate and trust community as we explore the industry’s own next-gen solutions to ensure trusted communications, business and critical infrastructure remain secure. We will explore how the industry is responding to quantum computing, generative AI, the rise of machine-to-machine communication and other developments in this market. Don't miss this opportunity to gather the information your organization needs to stay current and protect your mission-critical connections and communications infrastructure.

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