LIVE KEYNOTE: Prove me Wrong: DevOps Everywhere - Where Software Goes, DevOps Follows
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Join Techstrong CEO Alan Shimel and an all-star panel of leaders in the tech VC and leadership community to discuss what the "DevOps Everywhere" mantra means to their investment strategies. Given a changed economic climate, the continued march of "software eating the world" and DevOps going where software goes, how do these leaders view the coming year in terms of investment, success and failure in the DevOps market?

While some pundits proclaim that DevOps is dead, it seems the opposite is true: DevOps has never been more ubiquitous. Marc Andreessen’s “software is eating the world” vision has come true, and it is DevOps that is helping digest it. DevOps is literally everywhere; in the cloud, at the edge, IoT and more.

DevOps has exhibited an amoeba-like ability to embrace and encompass new technologies and developments as they come to light. SRE, cloud-native, platform engineering; none of them displace DevOps. Even security - for so long the ultimate silo - has found a place within the DevOps world.

In this lively panel, we'll ask and answer:

  1. Is DevOps dead? Why or why not?
  2. What is on the horizon that could effect DevOps life cycle?
  3. What is the next frontier for DevOps?
  4. How long will this last?
  5. Whats next?
  6. Security - can we ever win, even with DevOps and security aligned?
Alan Shimel Ron Gula Thomas Krane Julian W. Waits Sr. Suman Natarajan